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Anonymous asked:
Do Dan and Phil have siblings? I'm pretty sure I heard something about Phil having a brother, but idk.

Phil has an older brother called Martyn that used to be a DJ but now looks after the Dan and Phil shop, and Dan has a younger brother called Adrian (that’s all I’m going to say about him) <3

Anonymous asked:
Can you link me to the sap where phil and dan are getting scared? I can't find it :L

Why are you guys not wearing red, white and blue right now?

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Imagine your OTP giving each other a piggy back ride. But with the bigger/stronger/taller one being the “piggy” on top.




So I managed to hit 1,000 followers about 6 days ago, and that is absolutely amazing. So I’m doing a follow forever!

Thank you so much and I love you all to the moon and back!

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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, but I still love you even if you’re not on here. Thank you! <3

Thank you! ^_^ <3




Carrie responding to tweets about being seen with Alex Day.

(The tweet)
(The video being linked: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay)

You literally can’t afford to prat around with such a fucking serious situation when you market yourself as an “honourary big sister.”

I wouldn’t sleep well at night if I chose to hold someone’s hands knowing full well what sick deeds they’ve been used to do and how he used them to cheat on me.

And I’d never sleep at all if I did it publicly where my young, confused fans are watching and it give them the wrong message.

Am I the only one in the world that feels like this about the whole thing????? seriously.

I don’t think Miss Fletcher CAN sleep very well, knowing what she does about Mr Day - and she’ll know more about it than we do, and we shouldn’t be jumping on her case about it.
Personally (and it’s quite clear that you have a different opinion, but I’d like to express mine, which you’re more than welcome to ignore, but I think it’s relevant given what you’ve said, catandbear-savetheworld) I think that poor Miss Fletcher should be left alone about this, as it’s not really any of our business who she loves and how she’s now feeling. What is said in that last tweet of hers, about feelings not being like light switches, is perfectly true - my girlfriend and I went through a lot of stuff and it was absolutely horrid, but she still loves me, and I her; it’s quite obvious that Miss Fletcher still has feelings for Mr Day, and if she held his hand then yes, it was a mistake to do so in front of her fans, who, as you’ve said may get the “wrong message”, but at the same time, shouldn’t we be commending her for being so brave and getting the answers that she deserved to her questions? And if she held his hand then that’s just because she’s human and can’t control her feelings - no one can. So as for the “wrong message” that her fans may get, what I took away from this is that even if your lover does horrendous things, as Mr Day did, then you’ll still love them, and will react accordingly - such as holding their hands. And as for her being an “honorary big sister” - isn’t that what big sisters teach you? That feelings and emotions can’t be controlled and they’re painful and impossible to control, and they will make you act in ways that aren’t sensible, causing some people to come away thinking of you in a different light.
But that’s just what I think, and I’m really sorry if it came across as me attacking you - I just felt wanted to express my feelings on this subject.

You haven’t attacked me at all! I respect your opinion.

I still feel like the whole carrie thing is a massive kick in the guts to those that have suffered at his hands but I understand the point you are making <3

Anonymous asked:
New to the phandom! I always see people on tumblr saying that Dan and/or Phil is bisexual, but I have no idea? Do you know anything about their sexuality?

Technically, none of us here know their sexualities. I only go by the fact that they both admitted plain as day on their formsprings a few years back that they were both bi (Phil did agree but then went on to to say that he doesn’t really label himself as anything, so he could be any of the sexualities between that such as pansexual or he just couldn’t give a toss and is pretty fluid)

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say they are straight, but I couldn’t say for sure what they are <3

Phil was ready to punch a bitch

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Anonymous asked:
What are some of your favorite blogs?


Thank you for the ask ^.^

So this will basically just be a long list okay here goes :)

Blogs that I love:





















(Just saying those were in no particular order cause I just scrolled through my followers and they don’t appear to be organised so)

Thanks again for the ask uwu

p.s I’m sorry I probably missed ten billion people ah if you’re reading this I promise I do love your blog I swear

Thank you! :) <3

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