Since I grew out of Fairly Odd Parents Cosmo and Wanda had a child?????? ;_; awwww

Anonymous asked:
you forgot to mention the sorted food guys are also all charming and handsome. especially mike and barry can get it hot damn.

Damn straight. I’m in love with Ben, Barry’s faf, Mike’s a big heartthrob and Jamie is an absolute dilf <3


This has to be one of my favourite photos I’ve taken this month

I got my GCSE results 4 years ago today! :’D

Literally haven’t looked at them since

Anonymous asked:
Who is your favorite Youtuber after Dan and Phil?

The Sorted Food guys!

Not only are they Europe’s biggest online cooking channel but they’re a cracking bunch of lads!

Seriously. Go watch this video. It’s one of their recipes but there’s banter against Ben (who is the chef) and it always makes me wee!

*opens Youtube video*

"Have you heard about"

*closes Youtube video*

I miss the ‘cheeky uni student’ Phil.

I miss the long haired Phil.

I miss the ‘popular myspace emo’ Phil

I miss the ‘I’m definitely showing my chest hair off’ Phil

I miss the openly sassy as fuck and openly dirty minded Phil.

But I tell you what…

I LOVE popular Youtuber and Radio 1 Presenter Phil and I wouldn’t change that for the world.



This is literally the scariest thing ever.


I’m kinda scared to eat my lunch now.

Dan & Phil + a furby

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